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Izzy. 19. NYC. .


do u ever daydream about decorating ur first apartment bc i do

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♡ sleepyhead ♡: for lazy sunday mornings and sleepy kisses. (listen here)
chocolate (acoustic) - the 1975 / your song (cover) - ellie goulding / wonderwall (cover) - ed sheeran / state of grace (acoustic) - taylor swift / i don’t wanna love somebody else - a great big world / skinny love (cover) - ingrid michaelson / cold coffee - ed sheeran / sweater weather (acoustic) - the neighbourhood / sleepyhead (acoustic) - passion pit

Dane DeHaan photographed by Corey Hayes (2010)

Hello friends! I’ve wanted to start a proper music blog for a while and I finally got my shit together and made it. YAY. HERE. I’ll be posting mixtapes and music reviews and maybe talk about fashion too idk. If you have a blogspot as well let me know because I’m still hunting around for good blogs to read! Thank you!