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I think a part of being mature and becoming a more educated person is being open and having discussions that make you think. Let yourself hear all sides of argument. Take interest in other people’s reasonings and try to understand /why/ they have the opinions they do. You will hear things you don’t like, things that upset you, and things you disagree with, but you have to make yourself understand why people think the way they do. People might not change your opinion, and you can’t expect people to change theirs. But it should make everyone think, and perhaps give you a better idea as to why you think the way you do. Does that make any sense? Being open minded can create so much to talk about, so much to debate, so much to learn. But believing you are right, and everyone else that disagrees with you is wrong gets you nowhere. Let yourself be educated and you’ll be a better and smarter person because of it.

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