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you know what 

I’m so sick of people either shaming Tina for liking Blaine or laughing it off because “OH MY GOD TINA IS THE FANDOM I’M LITERALLY TINA SAME TINA SAME I THINK BLAINE IS SO HOT”

  • TINA
  • IS
  • A
  • it’s infuriating enough that most of her scenes are written as jokes but it’s even more infuriating when 99.999999% of the glee fandom can’t take her seriously when a serious storyline is written for her
  • yes she has a crush on Blaine
  • /YES/ she knows it’s impossible for Blaine to like her back
  • but for the past THREE YEARS Tina has no control over anything she can’t catch a fucking break with everyone getting solos except her
  • Ryan Murphy just tweeted “It’s sad and real and about loneliness…and overcoming feeling second-rate.” and I feel like NO ONE UNDERSTANDS WHAT THAT MEANS
  • she’s always second rate there’s always blaine and sam who are better leaders and then blaine and marley who are more talented
  • and the best thing she had was Mike but he broke up with her for no fucking reason
  • Mike made her feel like #1 and now she doesn’t have him and she feels like she has no one and she’s looking for someone to love her
  • Blaine’s been nothing but nice to her like he joined Cheerios with her and helps her get tater tots wow excuse her for liking Blaine
  • now she’s a SENIOR she’s been in this Glee club for the past three years and she’s trying so hard to make it /her/ year
  • she’s coming up with all these ideas for Glee club and she’s going to realize that although Blaine was an ulterior motive she’s special because she’s creative 
  • like it’s so frustrating that no one can connect the dots between all the little scenes she’s had for the past three seasons and they just pass them off as a joke

I’m sorry I wish I could phrase this more eloquently but yeah there ya go

/drops mic walks off stage

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    exactly. also: why is it like normal for Kurt and Blaine to crush on straight guys but when somebody straight crushes on...
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